Advisory Board Meeting, AIDE (UK)

In this joint project about AI in health care, we have established two Advisory Boards, one linked to Osaka University, AIDE (Japan), and the other to the University of Oxford, AIDE (UK). Our Advisory Boards are made up of experts in AI, health care or health care systems, and patient and public involvement. The role of the advisory boards is to give us important feedback on the project and advise that will enable is to reach our goals.

On February 23rd, we met with the AIDE (UK) Advisory Board and updated them on the activities of the Patient and Public Involvement Panels (PPIPs) that are key to the project, as well as the early results of our scoping review and twitter studies. We met via zoom for three hours and engaged in wide ranging and stimulating discussion.

One discussion concerned the different eco-system around health care research employing AI. It was noted that while traditional medical research has always had a direct connection with clinical practice, research involving big data today is more distant from the patient and their opinion, concerns and expectations may be overlooked. Given this situation, it was concluded that public and patient involvement (PPI) activity should or would become even more important as this type of research.