Who We Are

Both at Osaka University and the University of Oxford, AIDE research benefits from the input of a variety of experts within and beyond the research team.


Research Team

Research is conducted by members of the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies at the University of Oxford, and the research team of the Osaka University UNESCO Chair in Global Health and Education, Professor Beverley Yamamoto.

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Advisory Boards

Each country’s team has an Advisory Board composed of experts, including patients and members of the public, who are external to the project.

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Patient and Public Involvement Panels (PPIPs)

A PPIP has been created in each country to bring the insight of those with lived experience of healthcare into the design and implementation of our research.

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We are committed to bringing about exchanges between our Patient and Public Involvement Panels and Advisory Boards in both countries to ensure that experiences are shared and effectively inform the research process.