During May and June 2023 we held a series of online events to share our learnings about how AI technologies are being implemented in healthcare and to discuss what can be done to build trust. The events were targetted towards members of the public, and we were delighted to be joined by many of the participants who took part in our research Focus Groups. The events were designed to be interactive, inspiring some very intersting and fruitful discussions. Recordings of the presentations given at each event are available on youtube can be accessed via the following links:


     Thursday 11th May:  “Introduction to AI and healthcare…What’s going on?”

     Thursday 25th May: “Regulating AI in healthcare– What do the public think?”

     Thursday 8th  June: “Ethics and AI – a public perspective”


Each event began with a short presentation from project researchers to inform the audience about AIDE research, with invited guests joining to provide specific topic insights. Beyond reporting what we have found, the events allowed us to hear pubic views around what should be done to build and sustain trust in the use of these new technologies, at a time when advances in AI were dominating the headlines.


Building on these discussions, we held a pair of Workshops during June 2023 with members of the public and healthcare experts. Participants considered how those impacted by AI systems should be involved in decision making, including the information needed to build and sustain trust in the use of AI systems, when it should be provided, and how. Ultimately, we believe that engagement and involvement around AI in healthcare underpins trust in and acceptance of their use, and is required to support successful adoption of new systems. The Workshops helped us to develop these ideas to direct our future research and target research outputs. A workshop report will be published on this website in the coming months, and will be emailed directly to all participants.