We are holding three online events to share our learnings about how AI technologies are being implemented in healthcare and to discuss what can be done to build trust. The events are open to everyone, so do share details with others who you think might be interested, even if you heard about it elsewhere. The engagement events are scheduled to take place: 12.30pm -2.00pm and repeated at 19.00pm-20.30pm on Thursday 11th May Thursday 25th May and Thursday 8th June. You are very welcome to join us for one or all of the events, which will cover the following topics:


     Thursday 11th May:  “Introduction to AI and healthcare…What’s going on?” - click to view recording

     Thursday 25th May: “Regulating AI in healthcare– What do the public think?”

     Thursday 8th  June: “Ethics and AI – a public perspective”


    Each event will begin with a short presentation from project researchers to update you on findings from the AIDE project over the last 3 years, who will be joined by invited guests for specific topic insights. Beyond reporting what we have found, we’d love to discuss with you what should be done to build and sustain trust in the use of these new technologies. The second half of each meeting will be our opportunity to respond to your questions and hear your thoughts and opinions. In particular, we want to know how you’d like to learn about the use of AI in decision making and how your data might be used, and what options you’d like to have.


    To register, simply click on the link below for the date and time (s) that suit you:


         Thursday 11th May from 12.30

         Thursday 11th May from 7pm

         Thursday 25th May from 12.30

         Thursday 25th May from 7pm

         Thursday 8th June from 12.30

         Thursday 8th June from 7pm


      Once registered, you will be sent a confirmation email which you can save directly to your calendar.  We will also email you a reminder of the event a couple of days beforehand. These events will be recorded and made available as podcasts for those unable to attend the scheduled sessions through this project website and that of the HeLEX research group at the University of Oxford. For those who are interested, we will also be holding an in-person workshop on Wednesday 21st June. The workshop will be held in a central Oxford location. It is an invitation only event with priority given to those individuals who have attended one or more of the online events. Participants will discuss how people learn about the use of AI in healthcare and consider information needs and preferences. Further details will be circulated to attendees of the online sessions, and are available upon request.