AIDE research is conducted at Osaka University and the University of Oxford, both national leaders in AI development and implementation. Our research teams in Japan and the UK have a ten-year track record of collaboration and extensive experience of engaging patients and professionals in conversations about emerging technologies in healthcare.

Both Japan and the UK are investing heavily in national programmes to accelerate the implementation of AI in healthcare delivery, yet very little has been done to develop sustainable engagement platforms to guide the introduction of this technology. In both countries, there are doctor and expertise shortages despite increasing healthcare demands from an aging population. While there are similarities in healthcare provision, translation of AI into practice occurs against very different socio-cultural, political, ethical and economic backdrops, including different relationships between patients and medical staff, and differences in societal adoption of new technologies. By comparing the two approaches we hope to generate insights that will be valuable for both nations, whilst our international perspective will help to ensure our research findings are of relevance more broadly around the globe.


Oxford University Hospitals is one of the largest NHS teaching trusts in the UK making it well placed to discover how new technology can improve efficiency and safety at its four hospital sites. Meanwhile, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust has been named a Global Digital Exemplar for its innovative use of technology to care for people who use mental health service. We will work with health care professionals and support staff in both Trusts, researchers at Oxford University and technology companies across the Thames Valley to identify where AI tools are being researched, implemented and developed.


The Japanese government has designated Osaka Hospital as one of 10 'AI model' hospitals as part of its efforts to revolutionise the country’s healthcare system and ease doctor shortages - referred to as the AI Hospital Project. At Osaka University we are particularly focusing on AI technologies that are being planned as a part of the AI Hospital Project. These include voice recognition technology for use in the emergency room or during outpatient examinations for instruction giving and record taking; emotion recognition for enhanced informed consent processes before surgery, use of deep learning networks to classify neurological disease sub-sets, machine learning models for classification of x-ray images and AI-powered sensor technology. There is mutual support between the AI Hospital Project and AIDE, with some members of our research team engaged in both projects. We expect our work on stakeholder involvement and engagement will feed directly back into the AI Hospital project.

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