Patient and Public Involvement Panel

Our Patient and Public Involvement Panels (PPIPs) in the UK and Japan provide advice and guidance based on their lived experience, helping researchers to understand the point of view of citizens experiencing healthcare. They are integral to all stages of the research, from guiding study design to informing ways in which our research findings might be used to influence policy and research on AI in healthcare, and shaping the design of our stakeholder platform for research, innovation, and dissemination of AI in healthcare. They provide specific insights based on their own experience (or that of people they support) in relation to the delivery of healthcare and understandings of AI.

The PPIP are involved in all research activities and assist in producing project information and outputs that are accessible in plain language. Experiences of the PPIP are being collected through a feedback and an evaluation process designed to monitor members’ accumulation of knowledge and its impact on decision making as the project progresses. Plain language summaries and project reports will be disseminated through open access outlets where permissible, through this website, and via local and national health network publications. Each summary will be reviewed by members of the PPIP.