Developing a network of healthcare professionals interested in the development and implementation of AI in Oxford

The AIDE project aims to:

  • understand barriers and facilitators to implementing AI in healthcare by collecting stakeholder perspectives about how AI will change lives and impact healthcare experience, accessibility or quality,
  • determine how concerns might be resolved to promote acceptance and adoption of data-driven technologies

We want to identify where AI systems are currently being used/developed in healthcare settings in Oxford and consult with researchers, developers, healthcare professionals and patients to understand:

  • prior experience of AI, current and anticipated use in healthcare, and other valuable applications
  • how they learn about developments
  • factors perceived to influence adoption/implementation
  • what safeguards, controls or types of engagement would inspire trust.

This will allow us to build a platform for sustained dialogue on AI in healthcare.

Researchers in Oxford are meeting with healthcare professionals to build our network. Please contact us if you would like to be included!