First meeting of the Patient and Public Involvement Panel, AIDE (UK)

The first meeting of our AIDE (UK) Patient and Public Involvement Panel took place on 03 Septermber 2020. Following introductions, Panelists were provided with an introduction to AI and associated termionology and to its uses and limitations in regard to health. We were also joined by Dr Nick Scott-Ram, one of our Co-Investigators, to talk about his work at Sensyne Health, and by Miranda Mourby, a researcher in Law at Oxfor University who provided an overview of AI regulation.

Involving patients and the public in research projects can enhance the benefits of the process and outcomes of the research in several ways. Former Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies stated that “Patients and the public always offer unique, invaluable insights. Their advice when designing, implementing and evaluating research invariably make studies more effective, more credible and often more cost efficient as well”.